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About Local Fiber

At Local Fiber, we believe living in rural America should lead you to feel more connected—not less. 

But when you’re struggling with spotty internet, frustrating data caps, and big-name internet providers’ poor customer service, you feel anything but connected.

Local Fiber is here to help. We are a rural broadband consortium made up of cooperative, independent, and municipal fiber broadband providers from around the country.

When you search your address, we match you with your local provider of fast, reliable, fairly-priced fiber internet in your area. If no local provider is found, we advocate on your behalf by notifying nearby service providers of your interest.

At Local Fiber, you’ll find your very best option for locally-provided fiber internet. By choosing local, you support a company that employs your friends and neighbors. And by choosing fiber, you get the speeds you need to work, learn, and stream from home—all at a reasonable price and with a better customer experience.

Get Connected… Locally!

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