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Every day, it seems like a new technological development is springing up. It’s incredible to see the progress a few short years brings—giant screens, better cameras, faster processing, smarter voice-activation technology—the innovation is truly something to behold. But it can also be a little overwhelming.

Not to worry! Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you can still stay updated on all the latest innovations. It’s simply about striking a balance between tech and utility so that it works for your lifestyle. 
Supporting Your Independence
We all need a little help sometimes! In fact, having that additional support and safety net that smart home devices provide is a saving grace for many seniors living alone. Today, we’re going to look at some smart home devices that are perfect for seniors’ needs.

Choosing Solutions That Work For You
When choosing a device, always consider your goals. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you looking for safety, security, convenience, luxury, or a combination? 
  • What are your top priority features?
  • What is your price range?
  • Who will be in charge of managing these devices? Is it just for you, or will a caregiver or loved one be linked in as well?
  • Many smart device systems can be controlled with a smartphone. Is that an essential feature for you?

Most smart devices function as part of a whole system, called a smart home hub. Here are a few examples:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v.3
  • Amazon Echo Gen 4 and Echo Dot Gen 3
  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Apple HomePod Original and HomePod Mini

These hubs are perfect for centralizing all your home’s smart connections. However, if you prefer to keep things simple, you may not need a hub at all. Some smart devices are standalone pieces that operate independently and might work better for those who have particular needs.

Smart home devices can do everything from turning the lights on and off to activating your smoke detector, controlling your thermostat, and turning your oven on and off. Let’s check out some functions that help keep you safe, comfortable, and happy at home.

Smart Light Switches
Slips, trips, bumps, and falls pose a significant hazard to seniors living at home, so a smart lighting system is an excellent idea. You can set up your lighting system to be voice-controlled or even motion sensor-activated. Smart light bulbs and operating systems like Phillips Hue and Lifx function independently or linked to your smart hub, making them ideal for seniors living at home.

Security Systems
Get basic at-home security done right with the Google Nest Protect. It’s minimally invasive but super effective, with voice alerts and alarms that go off in the event of a potential fire emergency. Not only does it trigger the smoke alarm, but it also sends text alerts to neighbors and family members to let them know that something’s amiss. 

Safe Living
For seniors on a budget, the Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect home companion. Its easy-to-use voice-activated controls allow you to contact friends and family with a simple spoken command. And now, with the free Alexa Care Hub, you can simply say, “Alexa, call for help,” and the system will connect you with your designated emergency contact. Its voice-activation capabilities also make it super simple to access entertainment and online information. 

Living at home should make you feel comfortable, secure, independent, and most importantly, happy. Smart home devices can greatly increase your quality of life at home, but to reap the rewards this tech can offer, you need fast and reliable high-speed internet from {INSERT BRAND}!